Turning Tides...

This is one of those landmark days - after dreaming of being a singer from a very young age & putting that dream aside - first, to honor my father's dream of my becoming a doctor, then pouring the rest of myself into the joys of marriage and motherhood - today I completed my first full CD of original songs called "Turning Tides..." It is exhilarating to see the final result of years of hard work & determination against the odds as well as the kindness of some wonderful supporters along the way - family & friends & collaborators - it really does take a village & I am truly blessed. You know, it turns out that dreams deferred - when they come true - are all the sweeter... Tonight is the last time these songs will be mine alone - over the next week they will be released out into the world & my hope is that they will resonate with you, & that you will see yourselves in them - that they may touch your hearts, ease your pain & make you smile - & most of all that you will be inspired by my living proof that it is never too late to dream!

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